Today was a big day! We woke up at 9am and had some Tim Horton’s waiting for us downstairs for breakfast. I was lucky enough to be in one of the first groups to go up to hair and makeup! There were many talented hairstylists and makeup artists that dolled us all up for the day! They did a great job and I looked fabulous! I then went back downstairs to wait my turn for the photoshoot. Eventually it was my turn and it was so much fun!! The photographer was amazing and posed us perfectly, I can’t wait to see how the photos turned out!


Ready To Go For The Interview!

After that I ate my lunch and relaxed until it was my turn for the video shoot. First I had to say my name, my age, and my hometown all a specific way. Next I had to model for the camera for 10 seconds. Then I answered 3 questions that I had prepared earlier. I was nervous I would forget my answers but I actually did pretty awesome! The guy filming was so fun and we were even joking around! After all that fun I changed into my interview outfit and headed up to wait for my interview. Part of me was nervous but part of me was just excited to meet the judges finally and get to talk to them! Finally after all the waiting it was
my turn but the interviews are confidential for now so I’ll have to save the details for later. I was then able to go back to my room and relax for a few more hours. I spent the time fixing up my hair and makeup.

For dinner we dressed up in cocktail dresses and went to the restaurant in the hotel. There was a buffet and it was very delicious, especially the cookies ;). Once I was done eating I went back to my room IMG_9304to prepare for my spray tan, which will look great onstage and on camera. I went back to the top of the hotel and after a few hours of waiting it was my turn to get sprayed! I was shaking the whole time because I was so cold but it was worth it because I love how it turned out! By 1am I was in bed asleep. Although I had spent a lot of time waiting (understandable because there are 82 girls!), it gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of new people. 😊


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Make sure to follow my Instagram(@MissTeenRRD2015), Twitter(@MissTeenRRD2015) and Facebook(Miss Teenage Rainy River District 2015) to get instant updates during my pageant week! 😊 Also check out my YouTube channel and watch my videos (new video coming soon!). Thanks everyone 😊

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imageToday was day 1 of my Miss Teenage Canada pageant adventure! I got to the hotel around 3 and walked into a room filled with gorgeous girls all with sashes and crowns! I met so many people but I barely remember anyone’s name, lol. We all hung out and waited to get assigned a room and a roommate. Eventually my name was called and I met my awesome roommate, Shelby!

After almost 3 hours of waiting in our hotel room we were escorted from our rooms and went to the welcoming party! We met sponsors, got our new sashes, our jewelry, and our new shoes (but most people unfortunately don’t fit their shoes!). For dinner we had pizza, salad and cake! Now it’s time for bed because I have a big day tomorrow. Hair and make up, photoshoot, video shoot, then interview!imageimage

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What is your platform?  

Building Confidence

Why did you choose your platform and what does it mean to you?

I chose this platform because I know what its like to feel low about yourself and think that you are not good enough. There is a lot of pressure put onto people to act and look a certain way but I believe that everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way and I wish to help people realize they’re perfect just the way they are. This platform is important to me because I have personally been affected by it and I don’t want others to go through the same bad experiences of bullying and peer pressure.

How would you use MTC title to promote your platform?

If I won the title of Miss Teenage Canada 2015 I would use this national title to get the most exposure I could to promote my platform but also the message of this pageant, “be your own kind of beautiful” I would go across Canada to as many events as possible as well as host my own self-confidence events. I had so much fun hosting an open mic and the princess party and saw the great impact they made. I would love the opportunity to expand these events across Canada and also create new ones. With more followers on my social media I would continue to frequently post positive messages on all my accounts. I would also expand my YouTube channel by posting videos more often and engaging with my followers.

11754359_1609876982618589_5021959339724847168_oWho would benefit from your cause?

As Miss Teenage Rainy River District I focused my efforts mostly on teens and children, but I feel that inner beauty is something that everyone has. Everyone can learn the tools to strengthen their self-confidence

How are you promoting your cause?

I am promoting my cause by hosting and participating in events that arScreen Shot 2015-08-02 at 1.04.58 PMe related and by targeting youth through social media. Some events I have hosted to promote my platform was an open mic and a “Lunch with a Princess” party. I am targeting youth on social media by creating a YouTube channel to promote confidence and feeling good about yourself.

What have you done as Miss Teenage Rainy River District for your platform?

I organized a “Lunch with 11728759_1609877285951892_2725166406258235992_oa Princess” party where girls and boys ages 4 and up dressed up like princesses and princes and came to the library to enjoy crafts and food while learning about inner beauty. To learn more about this event please loo11722430_1610621552544132_2835140126823788860_ok at my past posts. I also hosted an Open Mic where locals could showcase their talent. This event encouraged the community to be confident and share their talents with a supportive audience, all while raising funds for Free the Children. To see photos check out my past posts! To expand my audience I started a YouTube channel. I talk about confidence in my videos to promote my platform in a way that’s fun, familiar and engaging to all types of viewers.



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Today is the day! My 8 day pageant journey begins! I’d like to take the time to thank every business and individual who has helped me with this amazing opportunity by sponsoring. Thank you also to everyone who has supported me through this experience! I appreciate each and every one of you, I couldn’t have done this without all your support. Please take a look at all of my sponsors:



Weechi-it-te-win Family Services Staff

Northern Wilderness Outfitters Ltd – Vic Davis

Rainy Lake Family Dental

Dr McGuire Chiropractor

ML Caron Electric

The Place

Simplicity Professional Hair and Body Care

Razor’s Edge

Green’s Home Furnishing

Stratton Service

Fort Floral


Tess’s Kitchen

Southpaw Graphics



Diane Martin

Linda Kay

Blair Anderson

Kathleen Matheson

Bill & Janice Swanton

Pitkanen Family

Cecile Chiasson

Edythe Howard

Robert Chiasson

Beatrice Lyons

Denyse & John Storm

Tina Gurski


Products & Donations

Lidkea Optometry


Sight & Sound

Tim Hortons


Shari Humphry – Bombshell

Razors Edge

Energy Fitness

Boston Pizza

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The pageant is coming up very soon so it’s time to start to get ready and pack up my stuff!


11782406_1612648529008101_4462437290387893798_o11717510_1612648629008091_8948536730335856138_oI’d like to thank Shari at Bombshell for sponsoring me by doing my hair and by providing me with products! She did a fantastic job and I love it! 🙂


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Every year in my hometown of Fort Frances there is a mini King and Queen contest. The contest is for girls and boys aged 4-7. They are judged on their ability to answer questions on stage. This year I had the honour of asking the onstage questions! Everyone did so well, I was very impressed. Congratulations to the winners Julie and Damien!

Here are some photos from the event! 🙂


Mini King & Queen 2014 & 2015


Introducing myself to the crowd and talking about Miss Teenage Canada


the Mini Queen 2014, Payton, helping me on stage

The Mini Queen hopefuls…

11222716_1612665135673107_4640898875427575445_o 11782476_1612667772339510_4412191471517395934_o 11722546_1612665099006444_9217022936645957716_o 11780012_1612666235672997_4895627634701659114_o 11703496_1612665205673100_3410969838076080224_o 11779841_1612666232339664_6248432083125549163_o 11056050_1612666215672999_9130936900505632020_o

The Mini King hopefuls…

11791970_1612669209006033_1819098159277474454_o 11779831_1612669202339367_5661581764427847262_o 11754905_1612672315672389_6882590969675686623_o


And the winners are…



Mini Queen 2015 Julie!


Mini King 2015, Damien!


Thank you so much Melissa for the beautiful plant and for taking time to put together this wonderful opportunity for the youth of this community! 🙂

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This weekend I had the opportunity to be a vendor at the Harmony of Nations Music and Arts Festival.  This festival brings together First Nations, Metis, Canadian and American cultures in two days of live entertainment and music workshops. There were many great performers such as Ashley Macisaac, Lee Harvey Osmond, Metis Fiddler Quartet and Nick Sherman.


11707898_1611262745813346_4754205131240819984_oTo fundraise I sold candy sticks, popcorn, water and I was also collecting donations for Free The Children! It was a lot of work getting everything ready for the event but it was so much fun and very successful! I’d like to take the time to thank my mom and my boyfriend for helping me at the event and my family for helping me prepare the food. I’d also like to thank the library for letting me use their awesome popcorn machine! The smell of popcorn filled up the tent and people couldn’t resist coming to get some.


While I was there I was interviewed by one of the hosts who also works for B93.1 The Border, our local radio station, Johnathan Price. I had the chance to introduce myself to the audience and talk about what I am doing. Later on in the day I also had the chance to be interviewed for the Westend Weekly!

11713786_1611262442480043_4148390660675723984_oThe performers were all so unique and different, it was so cool to watch! I was even lucky enough to get a photo with the Greenbank Trio! They were definitely my favourite band from the whole weekend so I was very excited to get a photo with them! Overall I had an awesome time and made some great memories, I will for sure come watch next year. If you want to learn more about the Harmony of Nations Music and Arts Festival then check out their website



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Introducing myself and talking about Miss Teenage Canada

Introducing myself and talking about Miss Teenage Canada

I held an open mic to raise money for Free The Children! It was awesome to see some of the amazing talent my community has while coming together to support a great cause!

Half way through the night I also had 2 young ladies who have had the opportunity to go on a Me to We trip with Free the Children talk about their amazing experience! I think the crowd enjoyed hearing about their trip, learned more about the charity and learned how to get involved.

I had prizes donated for the top 3 performers chosen by crowd vote. I also had a gift basket for the highest charity donation for Free the Children to encourage extra donations.


Here are photos of some of the very talented performers:

11717408_1610621559210798_57479504375907395_o 10365381_1610621449210809_6995896626866229100_o 11713919_1610621609210793_7355523593330072202_o 1957698_1610621589210795_6633167613194644129_o 11411698_1610621575877463_3572072703076941292_o 11722430_1610621552544132_2835140126823788860_o Thank you to everyone who performed, came to watch, and donated to Free the Children! Also big thanks to From the Grind up for letting me hold the event there. I am proud to live in such a supportive community!

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I organized a “Lunch with a Princess” event at the public library to promote my platform. We all ate, played games and made crafts while promoting self confidence and inner beauty. 



As soon as I walked into the room the first thing a girl said to me was “are you Elsa??” and right away I knew we were going to have a great lunch! To start off the day I introduced myself to everyone and gave a presentation about inner beauty. We had many little princesses and even a handsome prince. They were all very good listeners!


For our first craft they made their own little sashes. Since I always wear my own sash I thought each of them should have their own so they are just like me! I measured out a piece of ribbon for each of them then they wrote their name on the front with colourful markers. They glued on stickers, buttons, sparkles, and whatever else they wanted. They all worked very hard and each one turned out beautifully! 11713790_1609875612618726_5041955341113364013_o11728981_1609875439285410_5803132078807317827_o


11741056_1609874025952218_6535900565586533676_oFor lunch we all ate finger sandwiches and drank juice. The kids had a choice of chicken, cucumber, or jam sandwiches. Everyone loved the jelly sandwiches, especially the little girl in this photo! While everyone ate we went around the table and introduced ourselves, said our age, and one fun fact. My fun fact was that I am left handed! Some of the kids were a little shy but still enjoyed the spot light with a big smile on their face. This is one of my favourite photos from the whole day.


Af11110182_1609877049285249_3139769729136050878_oter everyone enjoyed their sandwiches we each decorated our cupcakes. Each little princess and prince decorated their cupcake with a variety of icing and sprinkles. They had loads of fun piling on the icing! Lol. Before they ate them we all took silly pictures. One of the girls accidentally dropped their11722132_1609873719285582_2982597280043717929_o cupcake TWICE, good thing we had extra! They even helped me design my cupcake. After all of the fun the cupcakes turned out delicious!11698874_1609875475952073_9733326779213414_o






11728759_1609877285951892_2725166406258235992_oTo end the day each child was given a paper that read “I am beautiful because…” and they were told to write down 3 reasons they believe they are beautiful, focussing on inner beauty. I was very impressed to see their answers. The little boy wrote “because I love my grandma”, one of the girls wrote “because I am responsible.” This little girl wrote “I’m beautiful because I’m kind and do not bully and I share.” It was amazing that they all learned from my presentation the difference of outer and inner beauty and which truly matters most.


10999589_1609876979285256_6612867731803482450_oWhen the parents started coming we all took some more photos! I even let a cuple of them try on my crown. They each took home their sash, inner beauty sheet, and a bag filled with goodies!

After everyone left I felt a sense of relief and satisfaction. The day was even better than I could have imagined. Every single one of them, including the prince, had a lot of fun 11754359_1609876982618589_5021959339724847168_oand learned something about true inner beauty. It was such a heartwarming experience and I would gladly do it 11705643_1609877109285243_5019040468347684710_oagain any day. Maybe next time I could do it in Toronto with an even bigger crown. 😉

11713910_1609875765952044_5650475676226495667_o“Lunch with a Princess”


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