What is your platform?  

Building Confidence

Why did you choose your platform and what does it mean to you?

I chose this platform because I know what its like to feel low about yourself and think that you are not good enough. There is a lot of pressure put onto people to act and look a certain way but I believe that everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way and I wish to help people realize they’re perfect just the way they are. This platform is important to me because I have personally been affected by it and I don’t want others to go through the same bad experiences of bullying and peer pressure.

How would you use MTC title to promote your platform?

If I won the title of Miss Teenage Canada 2015 I would use this national title to get the most exposure I could to promote my platform but also the message of this pageant, “be your own kind of beautiful” I would go across Canada to as many events as possible as well as host my own self-confidence events. I had so much fun hosting an open mic and the princess party and saw the great impact they made. I would love the opportunity to expand these events across Canada and also create new ones. With more followers on my social media I would continue to frequently post positive messages on all my accounts. I would also expand my YouTube channel by posting videos more often and engaging with my followers.

11754359_1609876982618589_5021959339724847168_oWho would benefit from your cause?

As Miss Teenage Rainy River District I focused my efforts mostly on teens and children, but I feel that inner beauty is something that everyone has. Everyone can learn the tools to strengthen their self-confidence

How are you promoting your cause?

I am promoting my cause by hosting and participating in events that arScreen Shot 2015-08-02 at 1.04.58 PMe related and by targeting youth through social media. Some events I have hosted to promote my platform was an open mic and a “Lunch with a Princess” party. I am targeting youth on social media by creating a YouTube channel to promote confidence and feeling good about yourself.

What have you done as Miss Teenage Rainy River District for your platform?

I organized a “Lunch with 11728759_1609877285951892_2725166406258235992_oa Princess” party where girls and boys ages 4 and up dressed up like princesses and princes and came to the library to enjoy crafts and food while learning about inner beauty. To learn more about this event please loo11722430_1610621552544132_2835140126823788860_ok at my past posts. I also hosted an Open Mic where locals could showcase their talent. This event encouraged the community to be confident and share their talents with a supportive audience, all while raising funds for Free the Children. To see photos check out my past posts! To expand my audience I started a YouTube channel. I talk about confidence in my videos to promote my platform in a way that’s fun, familiar and engaging to all types of viewers.



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