As soon as we got up we picked up our breakfast and headed onto the bus. We were on our way to the Bowmanville Zoo! We were all so excited! We got there before the zoo was even open and we saw them walking the lions on leashes across the zoo! We were brought into a big room with a circular stage and all sat down around it. Then the zoo keepers  brought in a baby lion and tiger!!

Yes, that’s right, a 14 month old lion and 16 month old tiger! They were so cute and little, everyone adored them! Since they were well trained, we were able to pet and cuddle them. It was the coolest thing ever! After everyone had a cIMG_2594hance to take photos with them, they returned them to their cages and brought out a lemur! He was jumping onto people’s shoulders, it was the coolest thing ever!

After all that excitement we had time to roam around the zoo. They had so many animals including camels, giraffes and an ostrich. I especially liked this zoo because it didn’t feel industrial with trees painted on a cement wall, there was nature everywhere. When time was up we boarded the bus and headed to the Eaton Centre for lunch. We all got to order food from the Richtree Taco Truck! I got a chipotle beef burrito and it was delicious!IMG_4998

Later, we went for a walk to find our bus and stopped at the Panam Games setup. It was very cool to see it in person. We then got on our buses and were taken to Yorkdale Mall! The mall staff were so kind and gave us goodie bags! We each got a gift card and a VIScreen Shot 2015-08-08 at 12.47.21 PMP card, so cool! I will definitely stop by Yorkdale Mall again after the pageant is done.

We got back on the buses and were not told where we were going for dinner but quickly found out when we arrived. We were at Medieval Times!! We were assigned the red knight and cheered him on the whole show! We were served soup, garlic bread, chicken, potatoes, corn and a pastry. We had a challenge though, we had to eat with our hands! I have been there before but cheering on different knights makes it fun everScreen Shot 2015-08-07 at 12.04.36 AMy single time! We were definitely the loudest section. Lol! It’s always so much fun at Medieval Times because the entertainment is amazing and the food is so good!

Once the show was finished, we boarded the bus and headed to the hotel. We went straight to bed because tomorrow is a big day! 😀



Written by: Alyssa

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