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This is a little video of some of the amazing performers I had at the Open Mic held to raise money for Free The Children! It really showed what great talent we have in our community and I’m proud of everyone for having the confidence to go on stage and share their performance with the audience while promoting a worthy cause. Thank you to From Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 12.23.43 PMThe Grind Up for letting me host the event there and thanks to everyone who performed and donated to Free The Children!

You can check out the Open Mic Highlights video here!

How To Wear Highwaisted shorts here!

Getting to Know Me Better – 15 Questions Tag here!

Stay tuned for a makeup tutorial video – coming soon! ūüôā

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Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 11.24.18 PM

Today for lunch we were brought to the wonderful Toronto Eaton Centre. We walked across part of the mall to the Richtree Market. We were then told that we were getting  food at the Richtree Taco Truck! Richtree is something special because they are committed to providing their customers with both a healthy AND delicious food experience. They use quality ingredients that are all-natural, fresh and local with antibiotic and hormone-free meat! They are also free of additives and preservatives! Awesome, right!? They also serve their food out of a unique old van, which adds a charming aesthetic appeal!

Since tacos are one of my absolute favourite foods I was super excited to give it a try! They had tacos and burritos that came with your choice of either chicken, beef, or vegetarian. I ordered a chipotle beef burrito and grabbed an old fashioned bottle of 7-up. It was so good!

I’d like to thank Richtree for this awesome and delicious new experience! I am definitely going to go back there some day to try something else! If you want to go there you can find their several locations at the Eaton Centre, College Park, Square One (Mississauga) and Bayview and York Mills (North York). Hours Monday to Saturday 10am-10pm and Sunday 10am-8pm


Richtree Facebook: /RichtreeMarket

Richtree Twitter: @RichtreeMark196577_206781266016717_2561395_net

Richtree Instagram: RichtreeMarket

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As soon as we got up we picked up our breakfast and headed onto the bus. We were on our way to the Bowmanville Zoo! We were all so excited! We got there before the zoo was even open and we saw them walking the lions on leashes across the zoo! We were brought into a big room with a circular stage and all sat down around it. Then the zoo keepers  brought in a baby lion and tiger!!

Yes, that’s right, a 14 month old lion and 16 month old tiger! They were so cute and little, everyone adored them! Since they were well trained, we were able to pet and cuddle them. It was the coolest thing ever! After everyone had a cIMG_2594hance to take photos with them, they returned them to their cages and brought out a lemur! He was jumping onto people’s shoulders, it was the coolest thing ever!

After all that excitement we had time to roam around the zoo. They had so many animals including camels, giraffes and an ostrich. I especially liked this zoo because it didn’t feel industrial with trees painted on a cement wall, there was nature everywhere. When time was up we boarded the bus and headed to the Eaton Centre for lunch. We all got to order food from the Richtree Taco Truck! I got a chipotle beef burrito and it was delicious!IMG_4998

Later, we went for a walk to find our bus and stopped at the Panam Games setup. It was very cool to see it in person. We then got on our buses and were taken to Yorkdale Mall! The mall staff were so kind and gave us goodie bags! We each got a gift card and a VIScreen Shot 2015-08-08 at 12.47.21 PMP card, so cool! I will definitely stop by Yorkdale Mall again after the pageant is done.

We got back on the buses and were not told where we were going¬†for dinner but quickly found out when we arrived. We were at Medieval Times!! We were assigned the red knight and cheered him on the whole show! We were served soup, garlic bread, chicken, potatoes, corn and a pastry. We had a challenge though, we had to eat with our hands! I have been there before but cheering on different knights makes it fun everScreen Shot 2015-08-07 at 12.04.36 AMy single time! We were definitely the loudest section. Lol! It’s always so much fun at Medieval Times because the entertainment is amazing and the food is so good!

Once the show was finished, we boarded the bus and headed to the hotel. We went straight to bed because tomorrow is a big day! ūüėÄ



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Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 11.45.16 PMToday was a blast! I woke up bright and early at 6:30 so I could curl my hair. We boarded onto 2 busses and headed to a cute little diner for breakfast called EGGlicious. The food was great! Once I was all full we went back on the busses and made our way to the river. We walked around and took photos with the beautiful scenery. We were then told that we would be racing dragon boats!! I was very nervous at first but once we were out on the water it was so much fun! We paddled up and Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 11.45.00 PMdown the river and raced each other! For lunch we grilled some hot dogs and had fruit and salad.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 11.45.42 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 11.46.05 PM

After that we boarded the bus again and¬†went on an hour and a half drive to a mysterious place. Once we arrived we realized it was a magic show in Niagara Falls! I have never seen magic live so I was pumped! There was a huge buffet and we ate our food while watching the show. Greg Frewin was the Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 11.45.30 PMmagician and he was AMAZING. There were dancers, birds, many tigers and he was funny! (plus the food was delicious) I didn’t want the¬†show to end¬†but sadly it had to. Afterwards we made a quick stop at the Niagara Falls. I have been there before but never during the night so it was beautiful to see all lit up. Soon enough we were back on the bus and on our way back to the hotel. This day has been so amazing and I feel so blessed. I had the time of my life! Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 11.46.17 PMScreen Shot 2015-08-06 at 11.46.44 PM

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Please take a moment to vote for me by following the instructions below! Winning the vote can
guarantee myself a spot in the top 20! Only one vote per email account is accepted, so I need as many different people as possible to vote! Thanks everyone for your support!


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edited gorupTo start off day 3 I woke up at 9 and was brought downstairs for a fruit breakfast. After we all ate we went to the top floor and met our choreographer, Shawn! He is so funny and an awesome teacher! We learned poses and our evening walk. We has a quick break for lunch where we enjoyed yummy pasta and garlic bread! After lunch he started choreographing our swim suit and opening number, I can’t wait for you guys to see it!

After a long day of rehearsal we dressed up and walked to the Lone Star Texas Grill! We made fajitas and they were so good! Once there was no more fajitas left we walked back to our hotel and got our opening number dresses. You guys will have to wait for the show to see them , but they will look so pretty up on stage! It was getting pretty late so I headed to bed because the next day is going to be and early morning! IMG_4885.JPG
edited twoScreen Shot 2015-08-06 at 11.35.40 PM

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Today was a big day! We woke up at 9am and had some Tim Horton’s waiting for us downstairs for breakfast. I was lucky enough to be in one of the first groups to go up to hair and makeup! There were many talented hairstylists and makeup artists that dolled us all up for the day! They did a great job and I looked fabulous! I then went back downstairs to wait my turn for the photoshoot. Eventually it was my turn and it was so much fun!! The photographer was amazing and posed us perfectly, I can’t wait to see how the photos turned out!


Ready To Go For The Interview!

After that I ate my lunch and relaxed until it was my turn for the video shoot. First I had to say my name, my age, and my hometown all a specific way. Next I had to model for the camera for 10 seconds. Then I answered 3 questions that I had prepared earlier. I was nervous I would forget my answers but I actually did pretty awesome! The guy filming was so fun and we were even joking around! After all that fun I changed into my interview outfit and headed up to wait for my interview. Part of me was nervous but part of me was just excited to meet the judges finally and get to talk to them! Finally after all the waiting it was
my turn but the¬†interviews are confidential for now so I’ll have to save the details for later. I was then able to go back to my room¬†and relax for a few more hours. I spent the time fixing up my hair and makeup.

For dinner we dressed up in cocktail dresses and went to the restaurant in the hotel. There was a buffet and it was very delicious, especially the cookies ;). Once I was done eating I went back to my room IMG_9304to prepare for my spray tan, which will look great onstage and on camera. I went back to the top of the hotel and after a few hours of waiting it was my turn to get sprayed! I was shaking the whole time because I was so cold but it was worth it because I love how it turned out! By 1am I was in bed asleep. Although I¬†had spent¬†a lot of time waiting (understandable because there are 82 girls!), it gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of new people. 😊


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